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My name is Meral Soguksu. I am Turkish/British and live in Istanbul with my two children and two cats. I grew up in the UK and came to live in Turkey full time 15 years ago. I have a BA  in Spanish and Portuguese and have been qualified to teach EAL since 1995. I also have an MEd in Teaching EAL.

I have a passion for teaching and learning languages and have been teaching EAL for 7 years. This is my third year at IICS teaching at The Hisar Campus, where I also provide Learning Support and teach Turkish Culture and Language.

I enjoy reading modern fiction, poetry for children and baking cakes.  You may also see me running along the Bosphorus most mornings.

Hi! My name is Jan Perry and I am in my third year of teaching EAL at IICS. I came to Istanbul with my husband, Ian. I have been teaching language for 32 years, mainly in the UK (where I come from!) and I have also taught in Dubai. I have a BA and two masters degrees. I have a real passion for language and enjoy reading. I also love music!

I really love teaching EAL. It is so fulfilling to see the progress that the students make, especially when they don’t know much English when they arrive!

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