Grade 1 Marmara read about Handa’s Surprise!

Grade 1 have been reading the book “Handa’s Surprise”. They have been practicing their fruit and animal vocabulary through completing a workbook, music and movement, playing a game and retelling the story in their own words.

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Grade 4 Space Stories

Grade 4 did some creative writing based on their “Space” unit.  Please come and see them outside the ESOL room!


Grade 1 play a game to help their spelling

Grade 1 played a game where they had to say and spell the three letter word that they landed on! It is a fun way to learn spelling.

Grade 1 Language game

The Dancing Bear


The Grade 3 ESOL students at Hisar are reading The Dancing Bear by Michael Morpurgo. This story is about a lonely orphan child who adopts an abandoned bear cub.

Reading  authentic texts is a great way for children to be exposed to new vocabulary.

Learning Chocolate

A vocabulary learning site which has lots of different topics.

Starfall Link

This is a good sight for practicing your letter names and sounds while learning new vocabulary. Have fun exploring :-)

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