James and the Giant Peach

The 3rd Grade children at the Hisar Campus have been reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl during EAL classes.

Reading authentic literature provides children with a multitude of language learning opportunities.

Many effective strategies for reading aloud with young children also apply to EAL students (e.g., predicting from the book cover before reading, pointing to illustrations during reading and checking for comprehension upon completion).

Reading literature has also shown to enhance motivation for EAL students.

james and the giant

Play and practice your sight words online

The more practice you get the faster you become!


Here is a list of fun sites where you can practice your sight words and play at the same time.















Action Research in the Classroom

This week I wanted to share some information about what I am doing professionally. As a Literacy Support and EAL teacher I am always looking at new practices in the classroom that can improve student learning.


This past month I have been working on an Action Research Project.


Action Research is beneficial because it is carried out by practitioners and therefore gives an insider picture of what is happening. It aims to generate ideas about improving practices to improve learning. It helps us see as practitioners what we need to do to change to improve learning.


The best aspect of Action Research is that it is not conducted alone. It is a cooperative effort with all the members of the community becoming involved and providing feedback.


My project focuses on how regular drills of high frequency words may facilitate EAL students achieve grade level literacy targets.


I look forward to sharing my findings with you at the conclusion of my project.

Sight Word Instruction

All parents and teachers want their children to be good readers. With so many different approaches to reading instruction choosing strategies and activities to help them develop into strong, confident readers is difficult. To compound the situation today’s kids, parents and teachers are all busy! As adults we are constantly faced with deciding what activities are the best use of our time with our kids. Sight word instruction is one of the best uses of the time you spend helping your children learn to read.


Please visit  http://www.k12reader.com/six-benefits-of-teaching-sight-words/ for more tips on how you can help your child at home.


The Dancing Bear


The Grade 3 ESOL students at Hisar are reading The Dancing Bear by Michael Morpurgo. This story is about a lonely orphan child who adopts an abandoned bear cub.

Reading  authentic texts is a great way for children to be exposed to new vocabulary.

Starfall Link

This is a good sight for practicing your letter names and sounds while learning new vocabulary. Have fun exploring :-)


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