Traditional Tales

Grade 3 have been reading some traditional tales, both in story and play format.  In order to make the story more realistic, each of the students wore a mask to represent their

The Green Book

In Grade 4 EAL we have been supporting the reading of “The Green Book” by Jill Paton Walsh.  This is about a family who have to leave a dying Earth in an old spaceship.  Our discussions will help them with their summative assessment, which is about designing a colony where they will live in the futureScreen shot 2013-11-15 at 11.18.36 AM.

Fall Poems

Grades 3 and 4 looked at some fall poems.  After discussing vocabulary and style, they were inspired to write their own poems.  Please come and see the display outside the EAL room!photo(5)

A great site for Grade 1

This is a great site for Grade 1. Some of it is free, but for some games you have to subscribe. It is a good resource to help Grade 1 learn their letters!

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 11.12.21 AM

Grade 5 Beginners read “Onion Tears” by Diana Kidd

In Grade 5 ESOL we have been reading and working on a book “Onion Tears” by Diana Kidd, that deals with some of the issues that arise in the unit the students are currently studying.  Vietnamese Nam–Huong wants to adjust to her new life in Australia, but she can’t. She misses her parents and her beloved grandfather too much, and she is haunted by her experience as a refugee. When her classmates try to make friends she rejects them, so they begin to tease and torment her. Soon, she doesn’t talk at all. But with the help of her foster mother and her teacher, Nam–Huong slowly begins to trust and love again.


Grade 1 Marmara read about Handa’s Surprise!

Grade 1 have been reading the book “Handa’s Surprise”. They have been practicing their fruit and animal vocabulary through completing a workbook, music and movement, playing a game and retelling the story in their own words.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 1.48.24 PM

Grade 4 Space Stories

Grade 4 did some creative writing based on their “Space” unit.  Please come and see them outside the ESOL room!


Grade 1 play a game to help their spelling

Grade 1 played a game where they had to say and spell the three letter word that they landed on! It is a fun way to learn spelling.

Grade 1 Language game

Learning Chocolate

A vocabulary learning site which has lots of different topics.

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